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Call for an Airport Shuttle or Taxi Cab in Kailua, Lanikai & Kaneohe

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You will be pleased with our fair pricing and with the excellent services that we provide.
For more information about specific services we provide, read on! We accept cash and most major credit cards for our services.

Airport Shuttle Service

We understand the importance of making your flight on time, and here at Coast Taxi we will always ensure that this is the case. Our airport shuttle service will take you directly to the front door of the airport and our friendly drivers will help you unload your luggage.

When you return, we can take you back to your home in comfort and safety after your big trip. Call us today for a taxi cab quote in Kailua.

Lanikai Beach & Kailua Beach Taxi Service to Waikiki 

At Kailua Coast Taxi, we understand that your time is precious. Call Kailua Coast Taxi today and speak with the driver directly to receive a real time ETA.  Last minute calls are welcome as are appointments to go back to Waikiki.  With air conditioned leather seats and accommodation for up to 7 people available, our promise is fast and friendly service to the iconic Waikiki amidst comfortable transportation.  Please call us with your location at: 808-261-3755. 

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